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Our school

SMC in English

* SMC and mr Seppo Ryosa have specialized in educational projects, improving schools and developing school management.

* Ryosa and SMC have been working for projects:


Best School Project - Finland Proper

He also has done several smaller project for city of Vaasa

Ryosa and the Manager of Education mrs Arja Kitola wrote the successful application of Konsti-project (student inclusion and 'three step support model' in pre-school and basic education). This project got funding first for 2020 and 2021. In May 2021 Konsti 2.0 got funding for 2021 and 2022.

* Ryosa invented Headmaster and School Mentoring Model 1.0 in 2016 and has been mentoring over 20 schools and day care centers with his mentor colleagues.

* Starting from the beginning of September 2020 Ryosa was invited to be the Global Ambassador of Planet Youth Iceland (ISCRA)

* You can contact SMC and Ryosa:

tel. +358 40 58 18 587

email: seppo(at), seppo.ryosa(at)

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